You see the delivery truck pull up to your house with another load of heating fuel and you think: “Uh oh, there’s more money I have to spend.”

There’s no way to sugarcoat it – heating fuel prices have been going up. But don’t blame the driver. You can’t even blame hurricanes or our political leaders.  Instead, heating fuel prices are rising across America. One factor is the recent frigid weather, which has greatly increased demand and sent prices soaring.

One problem stems from overseas. Amidst political unrest, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman, strongly came out in support of a reduction in oil production by his country and the oil cartel known as OPEC. Speculation that there will be more production cutbacks sent the price of crude oil – which is used to make heating oil and propane – soaring.

Propane prices have been affected by high foreign demand, which boosts domestic prices.

While W.H. Riley & Son can’t affect the price of crude oil, it can do two things to assure its customers receive a fair, reasonable price for their heating fuel.  

First, W.H. Riley, which has been providing heating fuels to Southeastern Massachusetts for nearly a century and a half, constantly monitors wholesale prices to purchase fuel at the best possible rate.

Second, W.H. Riley is a strong believer in an Equal Pricing Policy. Many heating fuel companies entice buyers with a low price only to hike the cost once you become an established customer.

Lastly, all of our customers pay the same price because we believe that an existing loyal customer shouldn’t have to make up the difference to give a new customer a deal.

You can monitor what Massachusetts customers are paying for heating fuels by visiting