It happens to just about all of us every winter. You check out your credit card statement in mid-winter and can’t believe the balance. Call it the holiday hangover. Fear not! Here’s a way to reduce that sticker shock: The W.H. Riley & Son Easy Pay Plan.

Think about this: The typical oil delivery costs $300-$500. Who wants to be hit with a bill that big when the credit card is already maxed out?

Another thing to think about this winter is the fact that Propane supplies are expected to be tight this winter, which could lead to sharply higher prices. If you heat with propane, that could really hit home in mid-winter when the family budget is already tight and the holidays are looming. Those are merely a couple of the many reasons you should consider our Easy Pay Plan, which begins Sept. 1.

This customized budget plan, makes it easy for you to make heating payments in equal amounts once a month, rather than face the unpredictable ups and downs of a winter-only billing schedule. If knowing what your monthly bill will be isn’t enough, here are 5 additional reasons to consider making the move.

1. You make equal once-a-month payments.

2. Your monthly cost is estimated in advance, so you’ll know your monthly payment and due date up front.

3. Our Easy Pay Plan projects your heating and service costs along a straight line, rather than billing you at the time of each delivery.

4. We include the service plan in your Easy Payment Plan schedule.

5. You stay ahead of heating expenses, because you can easily track your total home budget and plan for the future.

To initiate the Easy Pay Plan all you have to do is have a zero balance when the heating season begins on Sept. 1. That’s it!

For more information, call our North Attleboro office at (508) 699-4651 or our Taunton office at (508) 822-1282.