Heating Oil & Propane est 1873


Safety is one of the many reasons to choose oil for your heating system. Heating oil is deliberately formulated so that there is virtually no chance for an explosion. Furnaces are designed so that there are no worries they will become hot enough to cause a fire. W.H. Riley & Son recommends these two steps […]

It happens every Fall: The temperature falls and you finally relent and turn on the heat. Then you smell that smell – and worry sets in. Often, it’s nothing to be concerned about. When your heating system is not used for long periods of time, dust can collect on the heat exchanger, baseboard, radiator and […]

Think about how much smarter your phone is than your old flip phone. You can get directions to the nearest Chinese restaurant, find the latest news, order concert tickets and capture a video of the kids playing in the backyard, all with that handy device in your pocket. The same goes for your TV. It’s […]

It happens to just about all of us every winter. You check out your credit card statement in mid-winter and can’t believe the balance. Call it the holiday hangover. Fear not! Here’s a way to reduce that sticker shock: The W.H. Riley & Son Easy Pay Plan. Think about this: The typical oil delivery costs […]

You go to the doctors office for a check up and the dentist office for a routine cleaning. One reason we do this is because most of us have the health insurance to cover the visit. Instead of costing us hundreds of dollars, it only costs us a co-pay fee. When we get sick, our […]