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W.H. Riley & Son has made it easier than ever to become a customer!  In fact, we don’t even think it will take you a minute to get the process started.  Simply go to our website, www.whriley.com, and click on New Account Request.  Just fill in the information on the six lines, click the box and then […]

It’s going to get warmer.  Soon.  We promise. Someday, it’s actually going to be hot outside. The sun will be blazing, humidity will be high and you’ll be sweating.  We promise.  Shen it does, the last thing you’ll want is to turn your air conditioner on and have it malfunction, blowing out warm air or […]

If you thought your oil or propane bills this winter were higher than in the recent past, you’re absolutely correct. Crude oil prices are now heading toward $70 a barrel, a huge leap from the low of $26 in 2016. Since last summer alone, crude oil prices have climbed 60 percent.  The result has been […]

It’s time to think summer – warm sunny days spent in the garden,  on the golf course or just relaxing in the shade.  But one thing you want to avoid while the sun is blazing: Having your air conditioner malfunction. Now is the time to take two steps to help prevent that sweaty scenario. First, give your […]

Here’s a chilling thought: A powerful nor’easter strikes Massachusetts, knocking out power. You have no heat, no lights, maybe even no water, and your electric utility says it may take days before power is restored. Does that scenario sound familiar? Maybe you operate a business that needs power for not only heat and light but […]

You see the delivery truck pull up to your house with another load of heating fuel and you think: “Uh oh, there’s more money I have to spend.” There’s no way to sugarcoat it – heating fuel prices have been going up. But don’t blame the driver. You can’t even blame hurricanes or our political […]