It’s going to get warmer.  Soon.  We promise.
Someday, it’s actually going to be hot outside. The sun will be blazing, humidity will be high and you’ll be sweating.  We promise.  Shen it does, the last thing you’ll want is to turn your air conditioner on and have it malfunction, blowing out warm air or nothing at all.  Don’t let that happen to you.

W.H. Riley & Son, which has been serving Southeastern Massachusetts for nearly 150 years, recommends taking two steps. 

  • First, give your AC a test run.  On a warm but not hot day before you really need your air conditioner, turn it on for about an hour. If it’s blowing cold air and not making any odd noises, chances are it’s ready for summer. If not, give W.H. Riley & Son a call to take care of the issue before the oppressive heat strikes.
  • Second, give your AC a tune up.  The trained technicians at W.H. Riley will conduct a thorough inspection of your system and make sure you enjoy optimum performance this summer.

W.H. Riley provides an AC tune up for $150, which includes a free air filter and up to one pound of refrigerant. One note: Tune ups can only be performed when the temperature is above 60 degrees. Otherwise, the refrigerant can’t be properly tested.  To schedule an AC tune up, contact W.H. Riley at 508-699-4651, 508-822-1282 or visit