This past winter dealt us a one-two punch.

Bam! Temperatures plummeted just after the holidays and continued to bottom out through January. Then Mother Nature decided to continue winter right through March and April. 

Pow! Fuel prices skyrocketed. A survey by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources at the close of this heating season found that oil prices were 25.9 percent above last year’s prices. And no immediate turnaround is expected.

Those blows were felt in homeowners’ wallets as many faced heating bills well into four figures.

W.H. Riley & Son can’t promise that next winter will be warmer or that the price of crude oil will decline. But we can help you dodge Mother Nature’s knockout punch next year.  Under the W.H. Riley Easy Pay Plan, we estimate your heating costs for the year and spread them out in 11 equal payments from September to July. In August, we ask you to review your account and pay off the balance. If you have a credit, you can roll it into the following year or we’ll send you a refund.

One added benefit is that customers in budget plans do not pay finance charges for bills more than 30 days past due.

Interested? Contact us at (508) 699-4651 or (508) 822-1282 or you can send us an email at or visit

And avoid being a victim of winter.