The cold weather we’ve faced so far this winter is more than just uncomfortable. It’s expensive.
Not only are our customers using more fuel, demand for oil and propane has risen dramatically. And when demand rises, so do the prices.

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources reports that heating oil prices are up 22.8 percent from a year ago. Propane customers are paying up to 28 percent more than in 2017, the agency says.
That’s why W.H. Riley & Son, which has been providing heating fuel and service in Southeastern Massachusetts for 145 years, is encouraging our customers on monthly payment plans to take a few minutes to review their accounts.

Called the W.H. Riley Easy Pay Plan, these payment schedules spread heating costs over 11 months, helping our customers avoid big mid-winter bills. However, those monthly payment amounts were based on mid-summer fuel prices – not the ones that have risen more than 20 percent.
In addition, the deep freeze New England experienced near the holidays had many of our customers turning up the thermostats. We’ve found that most customers are using more fuel than they ever have before, which could throw off our consumption estimates.

By reviewing their accounts now, customers may be able to assess whether it would be better for them to increase their payments now and avoid a large balance before the next budget season begins on September first.

Budget customers can review their accounts by visiting Customers who have questions about their accounts or who want assistance adjusting their payments can contact Mike Kirby at 508-699-4651, 508-828-1282 or at