W.H. Riley & Son has made it easier than ever to become a customer!  In fact, we don’t even think it will take you a minute to get the process started.  Simply go to our website, www.whriley.com, and click on New Account Request.  Just fill in the information on the six lines, click the box and then click Send.  That’s it. Just one minute and six lines.

After a credit check, a W.H. Riley representative will contact you to gather the information we need to meet all your heating fuel and service needs.

W.H. Riley & Son, which has been serving Southeastern Massachusetts for nearly a century and a half, provides a range of products and services, including:

  • 24-hour emergency service for all fuel-buying customers.
  • The highest quality fuels, including Bio Heat Oil, Propane Gas, Kerosene and On Road and Off Road Diesel.
  • Installation and service of all heating and air-conditioning equipment, including boilers, furnaces, space heaters, central and split-system air conditioners, water heaters, generators, pool heaters, gas cooking stoves and gas clothing dryers.
  • Financing and payment plans for equipment installations.

Questions? Please visit www.whriley.com or send an email to info@whriley.com or call us at 508-699-4651 or 508-822-1282.


It will be a minute of your time well spent.