Think about how much smarter your phone is than your old flip phone. You can get directions to the nearest Chinese restaurant, find the latest news, order concert tickets and capture a video of the kids playing in the backyard, all with that handy device in your pocket.

The same goes for your TV. It’s triple the size and clarity of that clunky old thing with dials.

Heating oil systems have taken a similar leap. Technology has significantly improved the efficiency of boilers and furnaces, helping you to save on your fuel bills.

And for a very limited time, you can save even more, thanks to the Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association and W.H. Riley & Son. Massachusetts residents who install new heating oil equipment that is more efficient than their existing equipment are eligible for up to $500 in rebates — $300 for an oil furnace or boiler, $200 for a new heating oil tank.

Think about that. You could save a bundle on your heating costs, improve the value of your property and cash a check for $500, all at once.

W.H. Riley employs experienced technicians trained at installing high-efficiency heating systems. And we offer installment payments and financing for equipment installations.

But the deadline to apply is approaching fast. Applications are due to the Massachusetts Energy Marketers Association by October 27. To sign up, visit or contact Doug Byers at W.H Riley at 508-699-4651 or 508-822-1282.

The association is also committed to distributing more rebate funds in 2018 as early as late winter, so it’s something to consider for next year. Because it’s never too late to save money.