If you’re a heating oil customer, how would you like a fuel that:

• Burns more efficiently, reducing your consumption?
• Saves money on heating system maintenance?
• When properly blended burns cleaner than natural gas?

That fuel is right around the corner for customers of W.H. Riley & Son.

Massachusetts is joining other Northeast states in requiring that heating oil be “Ultra Low Sulfur” or ULS.  To be ULS oil, the fuel must have no more than 15 parts per million of sulfur. As recently as 2013, Massachusetts and most other states allowed heating oil to have 500 parts per million. Before that, 2,000 parts per million was commonplace. That means sulfur content will be just 3 percent of the current standard and less than 1 percent of the earlier regulations.

The change is about to occur. Oil wholesalers may only provide ULS oil starting on July 1, 2018. By January 1, 2019, homes and businesses that use oil may only receive ULS oil.  The switch will help the environment – and ultimately, the consumer’s wallet.  Although ULS oil costs about a nickel a gallon more, it burns more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption by 2-3 percent.  More importantly, sulfur is what causes soot and soot clogs up your heating system’s burner nozzles. Remove the sulfur and soot builds up MUCH slower. The result: Fewer costly repairs to your furnace or boiler.

While natural gas utilities always claim to provide the cleanest fuel, tests show that ULS oil, when blended with 10 percent biofuel, is the cleanest heating fuel on the market.  To become a W.H. Riley customer and use the cleanest, most efficient heating oil available, call us at 508-699-4651 or 508-822-1282, email us at info@whriley.com or visit www.whriley.com.