You go to the doctors office for a check up and the dentist office for a routine cleaning. One reason we do this is because most of us have the health insurance to cover the visit. Instead of costing us hundreds of dollars, it only costs us a co-pay fee. When we get sick, our insurance covers most or a majority of the costs associated for us to get better. What happens when your oil tank gets a leak? Homeowners insurance does not cover the cost to replace your tank. Oil tank replacement costs can exceed $2,000 which can be a tremendous and unexpected cost. Just like health insurance, for a small monthly fee,  you can take the worries of those unexpected costs off your mind. For qualifying tanks (no leaks, repairs or surface stains) homeowners can secure their peace of mind for a lot less than what you pay for a daily cup of coffee at the local coffee shop. For more information on Tank Guard call the W.H. Riley offices today and put your mind at ease.